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Health Care

Wyoming people believe all of our neighbors deserve good healthcare, but sadly, we pay more for and have less access to healthcare than anyone else in our country.
Polly will work to assure healthcare in Fremont County meets the needs of our most vulnerable citizens.
She will fight to assure our hospitals stay open and are the best available.

Our Public Lands

All people in Fremont County can agree. Our public lands are a gift. They rejuvenate us and they help us feed our families.
This legacy is under attack. Wealthy companies see profit in our public lands and many politicians are happy to oblige, promoting land transfer schemes.
Polly will fight to keep public land in public hands and assure we never sell our land or wildlife.

Good Jobs

Wyoming men and women want a state where we work hard and play hard, where safe, good-paying jobs are available.
Polly is a small business person who understands the challenges facing our economy. Polly knows that well planned and executed economic development can bring opportunities to our cities and towns.
She will be a proponent for new, future-looking opportunities for all of Fremont County.


Where the Heck is District 5?

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