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Where I Stand.

In the Middle of it for Fremont County!

I have had the good fortune to have lived one-third of my life in Fremont County at Sweetwater Station.

After earning a BA degree in American History, I became an entrepreneur in the service and retail industries. I have spent my entire adult life as a successful self-employed small business person. I take a great deal of pride in saying I am living an “up by the bootstraps”  American Dream.

Right now, Wyoming and Fremont County, most especially, will have to pick itself up and dust itself off and move into the 3rd decade of this century with creativity, flexibility, and innovation. I would like to be on the front line of the fight to maintain and build upon all the qualities we care about in our lives and our communities. 

It is time to begin again. Time to start the hard climb.

I am running for the office of County Commissioner to be part of the solution. I would appreciate your vote for Fremont County Commissioner!